Higher Standard Praise Systems - Audiovisual & Lighting Systems Integrator

Higher Standard Production Services - Full Service Live Event Production

Presentation, Communication & Entertainment Technology

Higher Standard Protection Systems -

Surveillance Cameras and access control

Higher Standard Professional Soundproofing -

Acoustic Consulting. Design and  Fabrication

Higher Standard Full Spectrum Talent -

Full Service Talent Management and Booking

Higher Standard Travel & Tour -

Full Service Travel Agency & Tour/Event Management

Higher Standard Properties -

Full Service Real Estate Agency & Investments

Higher Standard Builders

Homes/Commercial for Development and Investment

PLEASE CONTACT US FOR EXAMPLES AND REFERRALS 24/7!  407 803-5403 for all 3 linked locations

Orlando office/warehouse:

3609 Old Winter Garden Rd  Orlando FL 32805

Production & Demo Studio:

770 West Bay St Winter Garden Fl 34787

Brevard Coast: operations/warehouse
1563 Georgia St, Suite #3,  Palm Bay, Fl 32907

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We deliver a refined and efficient Culture of Global Business technological Collaboration and Communication and Deliver excellence to our customers.

We study to be our customer; understand their needs, stress/pressure points, strengths and educated expectations

We provide relevant solutions and deliver turnkey solutions in a way that works best for our clients and their clients.

We consistently execute with commitment, value, effectiveness and most of all integrity.

You are our Priority, because we live by the Golden Rule established by our Creator.

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