Higher Standard Group has been building relationships with hundreds of the best Musical Instrument Manufacturers in the World since 1994 and there is virtually nothing that we are not able to procure for you at the best possible prices.

     We travel to Music shows around the world to find the best there is and get the best price for you so GIVE US A CALL or EMAIL US!

     There are some Top Manufacturers that have required certain training and/or number quotas to become a fully authorized direct Dealer. If you have a specific product interest please let us know and we will confirm what is needed to serve you with the lowest cost. Some only need an opening order of a certain amount to complete the Dealer authorization. We never provide you with equipment that does not have a full Factory warranty unless both parties have made a different agreement for a certain discount or pre-owned or demo products.

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A Tempo Percusion1 item(1)
Abasi Guitars1 item(1)
Ableton5 items(5)
Access3 items(3)
Acoustica1 item(1)
AcoustiFex1 item(1)
Adam Audio14 items(14)
ADJ Lighting179 items(179)
Ahead15 items(15)
AirTurn11 items(11)
Akai24 items(24)
AKG33 items(33)
Alesis31 items(31)
Allen & Heath36 items(36)
Altec Lansing6 items(6)
Alto Professional9 items(9)
ALVA Audio1 item(1)
Alvarez41 items(41)
American Audio7 items(7)
Ampeg48 items(48)
Ampridge7 items(7)
AmpWedge1 item(1)
AMS4 items(4)
AMS Gift Cards2 items(2)
Antari Lighting and Effect5 items(5)
Antelope Audio23 items(23)
Apogee15 items(15)
Aquarian Drumheads14 items(14)
Arcadia Guitars7 items(7)
ARP5 items(5)
ART27 items(27)
Arturia24 items(24)
Ashly Audio1 item(1)
Aston Microphones7 items(7)
Attack Drumheads9 items(9)
Audient7 items(7)
Audio-Technica325 items(325)
Audix18 items(18)
Auralex13 items(13)
Auratone Recording Monitors2 items(2)
Avalon3 items(3)
Avantone15 items(15)
Avid5 items(5)
Aviom5 items(5)
Azden1 item(1)

Babicz Full Contact Hardware7 items(7)
BeatBuddy6 items(6)
Behringer321 items(321)
Big Bends2 items(2)
Big Fat Snare Drum2 items(2)
Black Lion Audio13 items(13)
Blackbird Pedalboards9 items(9)
Blackstar Amplification46 items(46)
Blizzard Lighting17 items(17)
Blue Microphones11 items(11)
Bogner4 items(4)
Boomwhackers2 items(2)
Bose59 items(59)
Boss126 items(126)
Breedlove49 items(49)
BSS Audio1 item(1)
Bugera44 items(44)

Cannon Percussion5 items(5)
Cascade Microphones2 items(2)
Casio60 items(60)
Catalinbread25 items(25)
CBI67 items(67)
Celestion33 items(33)
Cerwin Vega38 items(38)
Charvel30 items(30)
Chauvet DJ133 items(133)
Chem-Pak TONE1 item(1)
CIOKS11 items(11)
Clayton21 items(21)
Cloud Microphones4 items(4)
Cole Clark Guitars8 items(8)
ColorKey Creative Lighting5 items(5)
Cordoba43 items(43)
Crane Hardware2 items(2)
Crown12 items(12)
Crush Drums and Percussion5 items(5)
CruzTools6 items(6)

D&A Guitar Gear8 items(8)
D'Addario124 items(124)
Danelectro2 items(2)
D'Angelico Guitars30 items(30)
Darco7 items(7)
Darkglass Electronics16 items(16)
Dave Smith Instruments6 items(6)
DBX18 items(18)
Dean104 items(104)
Dean Markley2 items(2)
Decksaver61 items(61)
Deering6 items(6)
Defender Cable Protection Systems1 item(1)
DelvCam1 item(1)
Denon15 items(15)
Diezel Amplification3 items(3)
Digistand1 item(1)
DigiTech17 items(17)
DiMarzio45 items(45)
Dobro2 items(2)
DOD1 item(1)
DR Strings20 items(20)
Dreadbox Synthesizers5 items(5)
DRS Racks8 items(8)
Drum Workshop52 items(52)
DrumDial1 item(1)
DSM Noisemaker4 items(4)
Dunlop148 items(148)

Eagle Mountain1 item(1)
EARasers1 item(1)
EarMaster1 item(1)
EarthQuaker Devices40 items(40)
EBS6 items(6)
Ebtech2 items(2)
Eden Electronics11 items(11)
Egnater6 items(6)
Elation Lighting13 items(13)
Electro Voice94 items(94)
Electro-Harmonix93 items(93)
Elektron13 items(13)
Eliminator Lighting22 items(22)
Elixir31 items(31)
eMedia19 items(19)
EMG66 items(66)
Eminence106 items(106)
Empirical Labs2 items(2)
Epiphone133 items(133)
Ernie Ball107 items(107)
Ernie Ball Music Man45 items(45)
ESP133 items(133)
Etymotic Research2 items(2)
Evans57 items(57)
Eventide7 items(7)
EVH36 items(36)

Fastset9 items(9)
Fender451 items(451)
FERROFISH1 item(1)
Fishman146 items(146)
Fluid Audio12 items(12)
Focal10 items(10)
Focusrite20 items(20)
Franklin Strap17 items(17)
Friedman Amplification36 items(36)
Fryette Amplification5 items(5)
Fuchs Audio Technology23 items(23)
Furman17 items(17)
Fusion Bags4 items(4)

G&L Guitars20 items(20)
G7th9 items(9)
GaffTech9 items(9)
Galaxy Audio32 items(32)
Gator295 items(295)
Gemini65 items(65)
Genelec9 items(9)
Genzler Amplification15 items(15)
George Ls3 items(3)
GHS7 items(7)
Gibraltar41 items(41)
Gibson216 items(216)
Godin Guitars17 items(17)
Godlyke2 items(2)
GoGo Tuners1 item(1)
Golden Age Project9 items(9)
Gon Bops18 items(18)
GoPro3 items(3)
Graph Tech Guitar Labs26 items(26)
Gravity Guitar Picks3 items(3)
Gretsch Drums6 items(6)
Gretsch Guitars75 items(75)
Groove Tubes4 items(4)
Grover Musical Products5 items(5)
Grundorf44 items(44)
Guild Guitars38 items(38)

Hagstrom Guitars7 items(7)
Hal Leonard13 items(13)
Hamer Guitars3 items(3)
Hammond7 items(7)
Hardcase Cases1 item(1)
HARMAN2 items(2)
HarpArm Magnetic Harmonica Holders1 item(1)
Hartke28 items(28)
HeadRush Pedalboard10 items(10)
Heet Sound1 item(1)
Hennessey Guitar Parts1 item(1)
Herco1 item(1)
Hercules DJ8 items(8)
Hercules Stands23 items(23)
Heritage Audio16 items(16)
HK Audio2 items(2)
Hohner42 items(42)
Hosa257 items(257)
Hot Wires12 items(12)
Hotone Audio7 items(7)

Ibanez383 items(383)
Icon Digital USA11 items(11)
iConnectivity8 items(8)
IK Multimedia47 items(47)
Image Line3 items(3)
In Line Audio5 items(5)
ION Audio2 items(2)
IsoAcoustics5 items(5)
Isovox Booth2 items(2)
ISP Technologies3 items(3)
iZotope23 items(23)

J Rockett Audio Designs15 items(15)
Jackson150 items(150)
Jamstands5 items(5)
JBL85 items(85)
JHS Pedals38 items(38)
Juice Goose1 item(1)

Kahayan Audio2 items(2)
Kala4 items(4)
Kali Audio4 items(4)
KAT Percussion2 items(2)
Kawai12 items(12)
Keith McMillen Instruments2 items(2)
Kelly SHU1 item(1)
Kemper9 items(9)
KickPort3 items(3)
KickPro Pillows1 item(1)
KLARK TEKNIK17 items(17)
Klotz Cables1 item(1)
Konig and Meyer32 items(32)
Korg94 items(94)
Kramer8 items(8)
KRK Systems24 items(24)
Kyser8 items(8)

La Bella15 items(15)
Laney59 items(59)
Lanikai12 items(12)
Latch Lake Music Products8 items(8)
Latin Percussion36 items(36)
Lava Cable3 items(3)
LD Systems15 items(15)
Lee Oskar Harmonicas1 item(1)
Levy's117 items(117)
Lewitt Microphones9 items(9)
Lexicon2 items(2)
Line 670 items(70)
Lock-It Guitar Straps2 items(2)
LR Baggs16 items(16)
Ludwig13 items(13)
Luna70 items(70)
LunaStone Pedals1 item(1)

Mackie106 items(106)
Mad Professor Amplification4 items(4)
Magma51 items(51)
MagSlide1 item(1)
Manhasset Music Stands1 item(1)
Manley Labs7 items(7)
Mapex30 items(30)
Marantz Professional2 items(2)
Mark of the Unicorn MOTU10 items(10)
Marshall72 items(72)
Martin Guitars175 items(175)
Matrix1 item(1)
Matthews Effects5 items(5)
M-Audio21 items(21)
Maxon2 items(2)
Medeli3 items(3)
MEE Audio19 items(19)
Meinl16 items(16)
Mic Holders2 items(2)
Midas9 items(9)
Middle Atlantic1 item(1)
MIDI Solutions5 items(5)
Mixars6 items(6)
Mixfader2 items(2)
Mogami25 items(25)
Mojotone31 items(31)
Mono Cases32 items(32)
Moog Music41 items(41)
Morley12 items(12)
Mullard2 items(2)
Music Nomad43 items(43)
MWM Music World Media3 items(3)
MXL23 items(23)
MXR44 items(44)

Nady26 items(26)
Native Instruments39 items(39)
Neat Microphones8 items(8)
Nektar16 items(16)
Neumann14 items(14)
Neutrik16 items(16)
Nord12 items(12)
Novation19 items(19)
Novopro14 items(14)
Numark23 items(23)

Odyssey139 items(139)
Off The Wall1 item(1)
On Stage Stands373 items(373)
One Control15 items(15)
Orange Amps55 items(55)
Origin Effects11 items(11)
Ortofon20 items(20)
Outlaw Guitar Effects12 items(12)
Ovation13 items(13)

Pace1 item(1)
Pacific Drums22 items(22)
Paiste17 items(17)
Palmer Musical Instruments2 items(2)
Pearl22 items(22)
Peavey138 items(138)
Pedaltrain10 items(10)
PG Music3 items(3)
Phil Jones15 items(15)
Pig Hog Cables50 items(50)
Pioneer60 items(60)
Pioneer Professional Audio3 items(3)
Planet Waves28 items(28)
Positive Grid14 items(14)
Power-All4 items(4)
PreSonus82 items(82)
Primacoustic7 items(7)
Pro Co10 items(10)
Pro-Mark18 items(18)
Propellerhead3 items(3)
Protection Racket14 items(14)
Providence3 items(3)
PRS117 items(117)
Puresound Percussion1 item(1)

QSC83 items(83)
Quik Lok6 items(6)
Quilter Guitar Amplifiers24 items(24)
Qwik Tune1 item(1)

Radial Engineering32 items(32)
Randall17 items(17)
Rane4 items(4)
RapcoHorizon2 items(2)
RATstands1 item(1)
Raxxess4 items(4)
RCF18 items(18)
Reloop13 items(13)
Remo66 items(66)
Reunion Blues25 items(25)
Reverend Guitars8 items(8)
Revolve5 items(5)
RF Venue1 item(1)
Rhythm Tech1 item(1)
Right On Straps8 items(8)
RME7 items(7)
Roadie Tuner1 item(1)
Roc N Soc3 items(3)
RockBoard Pedalboards23 items(23)
Rock-N-Roller26 items(26)
Rockwood1 item(1)
RODE113 items(113)
Roland177 items(177)
ROLI14 items(14)
RTOM1 item(1)
Rupert Neve Designs12 items(12)

Sabian111 items(111)
Samson112 items(112)
SanDisk2 items(2)
Savarez1 item(1)
Schaller3 items(3)
Schecter126 items(126)
Scraps Straps1 item(1)
Scrim King1 item(1)
SE Electronics13 items(13)
Seagull Guitars8 items(8)
Sennheiser81 items(81)
Sequential3 items(3)
Sequenz Keyboard Stands11 items(11)
Serato9 items(9)
Seymour Duncan95 items(95)
Shubb1 item(1)
Shure202 items(202)
Silvertone6 items(6)
SKB82 items(82)
Snark8 items(8)
Softube1 item(1)
Sony2 items(2)
Sound City Amplification6 items(6)
Soundbrenner2 items(2)
Soundcraft12 items(12)
SoundSwitch1 item(1)
Source Audio9 items(9)
Sovtek3 items(3)
Spector19 items(19)
Spectrasonics4 items(4)
Spider Capo4 items(4)
Squier57 items(57)
Stanton6 items(6)
Stay Music Stands7 items(7)
Steinberg17 items(17)
Steinberger9 items(9)
Sterling by Music Man31 items(31)
String Swing10 items(10)
Strukture Music4 items(4)
Studiologic7 items(7)
Supro18 items(18)
Svetlana4 items(4)
SwirlyGig2 items(2)
Switchcraft1 item(1)

Takamine39 items(39)
Tama100 items(100)
Tannoy2 items(2)
TASCAM78 items(78)
Taylor Guitars91 items(91)
TC Electronic65 items(65)
TC Helicon28 items(28)
Teisco Pedals3 items(3)
Telefunken7 items(7)
ThorpyFX Pedals10 items(10)
Thumb Thang1 item(1)
TKL Cases18 items(18)
Tobias Bass2 items(2)
Toca Percussion23 items(23)
Tone King Amplifier Company2 items(2)
Townsend Labs1 item(1)
Trace Elliot5 items(5)
T-Rex4 items(4)
Triad Orbit2 items(2)
Tsakalis Audio Works12 items(12)
Tung Sol6 items(6)
Turbosound44 items(44)
TV Jones10 items(10)

Ultimate Acoustics5 items(5)
Ultimate Ears1 item(1)
Ultimate Support38 items(38)
Universal Audio29 items(29)
Universal Percussion2 items(2)

ValveTrain Amplification5 items(5)
Vater116 items(116)
Veillette Guitars1 item(1)
Vic Firth23 items(23)
Victory Amps27 items(27)
V-MODA3 items(3)
Vocal Eze1 item(1)
VocoPro22 items(22)
Voodoo Lab32 items(32)
Vorson27 items(27)
Vox52 items(52)

Waggi Pedalboards3 items(3)
Waldorf7 items(7)
Walrus Audio18 items(18)
Wampler24 items(24)
Warm Audio17 items(17)
Warwick12 items(12)
Washburn18 items(18)
Way Huge Electronics4 items(4)
Westone3 items(3)
Whirlwind23 items(23)
World Tour82 items(82)
Wuhan Cymbals4 items(4)
Wylde Audio9 items(9)

Xotic Effects9 items(9)
Xvive Audio5 items(5)

Yamaha224 items(224)

Zildjian88 items(88)
Zoom86 items(86)
ZVEX Effects9 items(9)

Manufacturers / Vendors