Orlando office/warehouse:

3609 Old Winter Garden Rd  Orlando FL 32805

Production & Demo Studio:

770 West Bay St Winter Garden Fl 34787

Brevard Coast: operations/warehouse
1563 Georgia St, Suite #3,  Palm Bay, Fl 32907

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Who are we?

Higher Standard Full Spectrum Talent is an Agency that was formed by relationships and heartfelt requests for an entertainment booking and Talent Management for those who do not like what they see out there in the World of Agencies who are not accountable to any principles of common respect, decency or human moral code for the betterment of our society as a whole. We are here for those who want to make a difference with their gifts, dedication and hard work, and not just make money, gain fame and try in futility to fill an empty self esteem with the empty praise of others. Our team members are World Changers! 

Where are we heading?

We are developing into an international agency but have our humble beginnings as a local Talent Agency here in the Gorgeous Paradise of Orlando, Florida. We are a Florida Talent Agency, we are a booking agency and we are a training agency that only serves you and charges you when you desire it to move forward. We are not a scam, a moneymaking waste of time, we are an agency of Champions building Champions for the Kingdom of Light and not Dark. We do not discriminate  we build up. We only demand excellence and positivity and choose to only work with projects that are positive in Nature and that is our free choice. We promise to you that we will do everything to help you navigate this confused and sometimes very evil and dangerous industry/world of entertainment, performance and communication, safely and with Wisdom and full disclosure. We do not want any surprises, discomfort or emotional damage of any kind and will guard you like our own children no matter what age you are!

Who are we looking for?

We look for not only the best in talent but even more for the most dedicated and passionate for their gift or craft. We believe in the incredible Creative and healing power of the Arts, and also have seen and suffered the incredible destructive power of the selfish, empty and dark side of the arts with the rise of senseless murder, rape, suicide and all other destructive mental, emotional and spiritual results of abused and perverted gifts.

Their is an ancient scripture that declares "A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the fullness and overflow of the heart, the innermost true being of a person, his mouth speaks."

Well we deeply believe that this obviously carries true for every that the person does with their mouth, their hands, their feet, their face and even their mind. This would include spoken word, writers, artists, musicians, singers, dancers, sculptors, models, actors, directors, technicians and even a teenager with a spray can in their hand! It is so clear, so undeniable, whatever is designed into, fed, influenced, exercised, polished on the inside of everyone of us is then released into this World to heal or is your choice and we are here for you to carry out the only right choice that will bring fulfillment and healing to you and your World! So we are here to help build you from the inside out by encouraging, filling, training and guiding you according to your design and gifts, not what we want to "conform" you into. Our vision for you is to become the best you, a confident powerful force that is secure in who you are and cannot be affected by anything external that comes against you! 

Call us today and really start your journey of excellence in the Creative Arts to be a real difference!