Higher Standard Praise Systems is your full service complete one-stop total audiovisual technology provider...

and we really mean that.AVL/IT/SURVEILLANCE/Acoustic/Digital Media And Infrastructure
Integration Commercial & Residential

Consulting, Design, Discount Sales, Installation, Training And Maintenance
      Audio/Video/Lighting/Projection/Digital Signage/Staging/Theatrical/Automation
      IT (Computer Systems-Network-Phone-Internet-Drive Storage & Backup)
      Security-Surveillance/Access Control

Acoustic Consulting and Install - Design, Build & Sales of standard & custom acoustic panels
      Privacy Sound Solutions: “Soundproofing” such as:
      Sound Blocking Walls/Isolation Design & Build: Pre-construction & retrofit after construction
          to address sound leakage
      “Quieting” and controlling - noise and reflection reduction by acoustic absorption – standard &
          custom acoustic sound panels & digital print “Acoust-Art” panels

Retail Displays, Fixtures & Customized A/V Ad solutions ie: Digital signage & window projection
      Design/Build/Discount Sales & Supply

Sound And Television Recording Studio
      Design/Build & Equipment & Supplies Consult & Sales

Custom Themed Interiors & Exteriors – Commercial & Residential
      Design/Build/Renovation/Material Sales – Theme Park/Restaurant/Hospitality/Retail/Children’s Church/
      Theatrical/Education/Custom Residential
      Themes such as: Tropical/Mountain/Medieval/Mediterranean/Biblical/Ultra-Modern/Animation/Etc.

AudioVisual/Lighting/Staging/Digital Media - Complete Production

Live Event Consultation, Design And Production
      Video/Film & Sound Recording-DVD Production
      Sound/Audio Systems/Pro Tools, Computer/IT Rental, Projection, Video/TV, LED Walls, Lighting, Staging,
      Drapery/Soft Goods & Themed Events-Scenic & Costume

Scenic/Set Design For: Corporate/Theater/Commercial/Film/Television
      Design/Build/Equipment & Supplies

Custom Audio & Video/Film Media Produced For:
      Advertising (Commercial-Web-Radio)/House Of Worship/Entertainment/Retail/ Broadcast/Amusement
      Park/Corporate/Life Events - *International Theme-Amusement Park & Trade show Exhibit Credits

Television/Film/Music: Recording & Production - Studio & Location
       TV Commercial Production (Team member has a Super bowl Commercial Credit)
      Music Video/EPK

Above & Beyond Services
      24/7 Troubleshoot & Repair/Replace Service
      Maintenance Contracts
      Crewing – Designers/Technicians/Operators


Higher Standard has built 24 years of Manufacturer relationships and is an Authorized Reseller of virtually all Professional Audio, Broadcast Video, Projectors, Digital signage and Display, LED Video Wall, Stage Lighting, Television Lighting, Pro Photography, Security and Surveillance equipment. Also all musical Instruments and accesories!

just ask for a quote on your favorite lines!

Church tv equipment Orlando

Church tv production Orlando

Church video system Orlando

Classroom a/v equipment Orlando

Classroom a/v Orlando

Classroom audiovisual Orlando

Classroom sound system Orlando

Command Centers audiovisual Orlando

Complete AV Systems Orlando

computer monitor rental Orlando

computer system design Orlando

computer system rental Orlando

Concert audio Orlando

Concert lighting Orlando

concert sound system Orlando

Concert sound system rental Orlando

Concert staging Orlando

Concert video Orlando

Conference a/v rental Orlando

Conference Room A/V Orlando

Convention a/v production

convention a/v rental Orlando

convention audiovisual equipment Orlando

convention audiovisual rental Orlando

convention center a/v Orlando

Convention keynote production

Convention Show production Orlando

Corporate a/v Orlando

corporate A/V rental Orlando

Corporate audio visual production Orlando

Corporate audiovisual production Orlando

Corporate audiovisual rental Orlando

corporate event a/v Orlando

corporate event entertainment Orlando

corporate event rental Orlando

Corporate show entertainment Orlando

Corporate show production

Corporate trade show production Orlando

Corporate training audiovisual system Orlando

Corporate training video production Orlando`

Corporation a/v Orlando

Correctional a/v Orlando

Correctional audiovisual Orlando

Correctional facility audiovisual equipment

Courtroom audio Orlando

Courtroom sound system Orlando

Courtroom video system Orlando

dance floor rental Orlando

Dance performance Orlando

Dance performers Orlando

digital prints on acoustic panels Orlando

Digital Signage Orlando

digital signage install Orlando

digital signage management Orlando

digital signage Orlando

digital signage sales Orlando

Distance Learning technology Orlando

DJ equipment Orlando

DJ lighting Orlando

doctor A/V design Orlando

doctor A/V installation Orlando

doctor audiovisual design Orlando

doctor audiovisual Orlando

doctor facility acoustic Orlando

echo stop Orlando

Educational Institutions audiovisual Orlando

Entertainment booking

entertainment sound equipment Orlando

Entertainment video equipment Orlando

Federal Government audiovisual Orlando

Film equipment rental Orlando

film production equipment rental Orlando

film production Orlando

film production rental Orlando

framed art sound panel Orlando

full service A/V Orlando

Government a/v Orlando

Government audiovisual Orlando

Green screen rental Orlando

Green screen sales Orlando

Green screen studio build Orlando

Guitar amps Orlando

Guitar sales Orlando

Guitars Orlando

Healthcare a/v Orlando

healthcare audiovisual Orlando

healthcare sound system rental Orlando

hospital A/V design Orlando

hospital A/V installation Orlando

hospital acoustic design

hospital audiovisual design Orlando

hospital audiovisual Orlando

hospital digital signage

hospital facility acoustic Orlando

hospital sound system

hospital video system

Hotel audio visual equipment Orlando

House of Worship sound system Orlando

house of worship television equipment sales Orlando

in ear monitor Orlando

in-ear monitor Orlando

Interactive Whiteboards Orlando

IP Telephony Orlando

IT design Orlando

IT installation Orlando

Keyboard rental Orlando

Keyboards Orlando

We do it all!

Consult, Design, Discount Sales, Installation & Maintenance 

Commercial & Residential

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Do not be eclipsed by the competition!

Whether for your business to stay ahead of the pack, or your private Castle be the talk of the Countryside! 

Be smarter, more innovative, more technologically savvy...

we can get you there more affordably than you think.

Higher Standard Praise Systems is a very versatile, innovative and multi-talented family owned organization with multiple locations -  this positions us to save you from stress, bad decisions, and budget disasters.

Our solutions do not cost you money, they make you money, as a brilliant investment!

Below is an outline of all our integration and installation services:

click below for some photo examples in specialized areas of A/V

Get your creative juices flowing!


Permanent install, content creation, life event production

AVL Integration - Distributed Sound Systems / Audio Systems / Home Theater / Home Theatre / Television indoor/outdoor

/ Projection & Screen / Acoustics / Lighting - custom cue systems, etc / Smart home / Control Systems

Digital Media for Home (see button below)
     *Digital Media Management and Source Play
     *High Quality full Screen Streaming   

     *Content Delivery

     *Special Event Content

Life event Production through our production division

Higher Standard Production Services - (see button in crowd shot below)

Surveillance Equipment Orlando

Talent booking Orlando

Telecommunications system Orlando

Telepresence Orlando

Television Broadcast and Production Orlando

television commercial production Orlando

television commercial production Orlando

television equipment Orlando

Television Equipment rental Orlando

Television equipment sales Orlando

television monitor rental

television monitor rental Orlando

Television Production equipment Orlando

Television Production Orlando

Television studio build Orlando

television studio design Orlando

Television studio equipment rental Orlando

television studio equipment sales Orlando

television studio rental Orlando

Theater curtain Orlando

Theater design Orlando

Theater drapery Orlando

Theater installation Orlando

Theater Lighting design Orlando

Theater lighting installation Orlando

Theater scenic design and fabrication Orlando

Theater Sound system Orlando

Theater stage design Orlando

Theme Park A/V systems Orlando

Theme Park A/V technology Orlando

Theme park audio visual equipment Orlando

Theme Park Audiovisual design Orlando

Theme Park Audiovisual installation Orlando

Theme Park Digital Signage Orlando

Theme Park lighting design Orlando

Theme Park sound design Orlando

Theme Park sound system design and install Orlando

Theme Park Video Systems Orlando

themed event rental Orlando

trade show a/v Orlando

tradeshow a/v Orlando

tradeshow a/v rental Orlando

tradeshow audio video rental Orlando

tradeshow monitor rental Orlando

tradeshow production Orlando

tradeshow sound system rental Orlando

Training facility audiovisual Orlando

Training Room A/V Orlando

Video camera sales Orlando

Video Conferencing Orlando

Video conversion Orlando

Video copying Orlando

video equipment Orlando

video equipment rental Orlando

video equipment sales Orlando

video monitor rental Orlando

Video over IP system Orlando

Video Production equipment Orlando

Video Production Orlando

Video Streaming Equipment Orlando

Video streaming Orlando

video system design Orlando

video system install Orlando

video transfer Orlando

video wall design sales Orlando

video wall equipment sales Orlando

video wall rental Orlando

VOIP Systems design Orlando

wedding a/v Orlando

wedding Christian dj Orlando

wedding dj Orlando

wedding sound system Orlando

wedding technical Orlando

wireless mic Orlando

wireless microphone Orlando

*Military Operations/Training facilities: Visualization and Simulation

*Night Club
*Office / Corporate

*Police/Fire Operations

*Post Production System Design - Studio & Mobile
*Television Broadcast System Design - Studio & Mobile

*Theme Park
*Training facilities:Visualization and Simulation

*Transportation Operations
*Sound Recording Studio
*Studio Content Management

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(407) 803-5403 for all locations in Central Florida


Orlando Fabrication & warehouse:

3609 Old Winter Garden Rd  Orlando FL 32805

Office, Conference Rooms, Production & Demo Studios:

North Greater Orlando:

1355 Bennet Dr. Longwood, Fl 32750 - 3 TV/Film/Rehearsal Studios & 1 recording Studio

West Greater Orlando:

770 West Bay St Winter Garden Fl 34787- TV/Film/Rehearsal Studio & recording Studio

Brevard Coast: operations/warehouse
1563 Georgia St, Suite #3,  Palm Bay, Fl 32907

​​Our Culture Our Vision - How we think , where are we going, how are we going to get there?

The psycological therapy of the senses...audiological, visual, touch, aroma, taste, and even the depth of a spiritual or heart feeling...experienced because of atmosperical triggers, we all know their extreme impact on every human. If we want to be successful in the marketplace we have to utilize and balance them well.

Here at Higher Standard Praise Systems we excel at harnessing these priceless and sometimes invisible building blocks of humanity to help you bring the most impacting and satisfying experience to your clients. 

True Progress is bringing innovation by focused creativity, collaboration and passion through well planned design and execution. This creates fresh and more accurately sculpted ideas and methods that create multiplied value for you and your clients and customers.  We bring you better ways to serve, provide, and just plain enjoy your calling and the Journey.   

As your partner in technologies, we'll listen to how you want to work, evaluate the possibilities with you and design solutions that fuel the ideas that will set you apart. We provide for you the most cost-effective tools of technology after we LISTEN to you and your goals and dreams. Together we can then collaborate and strategize with your team so we can formulate unique innovative solutions for more effective and efficient approaches to your workflow. The final result...enabling you to be highly competitive in the global marketplace. 

The difference is clear. The difference is you. You with the right one-minded team members armed with the best tools available.

If you want to succeed in this highly competitive modern global marketplace you have to be excellent! It will be crucial to be efficient...innovative...technologically ahead of the pack. We believe that is why you are here...to reach for a Higher Standard.

We deliver a refined and efficient Culture of Global Business technological Collaboration and Communication and Deliver excellence to our customers.
We study to be our customer; understand their needs, stress/pressure points, strengths and educated expectations.
We provide relevant solutions and deliver turnkey solutions in a way that works best for our clients and their clients.
We consistently execute with commitment, value, effectiveness and most of all integrity.

You are our Priority, because we live by the Golden Rule established by our Creator.

Keyboards Orlando

Large Venue sound system Orlando

live audio production Orlando

live audio recording Orlando

live audiovisual production

live concert audio recording Orlando

live concert video recording Orlando

live video recording Orlando

low voltage contractor Orlando

Manufacturing sound system Orlando

Manufacturing acoustic treatment Orlando

Manufacturing noise control Orlando

medical A/V design Orlando

medical A/V installation Orlando

medical audiovisual design Orlando

medical audiovisual Orlando

medical facility acoustic Orlando

Military sound system Orlando

Mixing consoles Orlando

mobile stage rental Orlando

movie theater a/v

Movie theater audio visual

Movie theater audiovisual

Movie Theater Sound system

Municipal & Government sound system Orlando

Music equipment dealer

Music equipment rental

Music instruments Orlando

music video production Orlando

Musical equipment Orlando

Musical instruments Orlando

night club audio system Orlando

night club sound system Orlando

noise canceling artwork Orlando

noise cancelling treatment Orlando

noise cancelling treatment Orlando

noise cancelling treatment Orlando

noise cancelling treatment Orlando

noise problem treatment Orlando

noise stopping artwork Orlando

noise-cancellation treatment Orlando

noise-cancelling treatment Orlando

orange county convention center a/v

orange county convention center audiovisual

orlando audiovisual systems integrator Orlando

Orlando Boardrooms

Performer Booking

photograph sound panel Orlando

praise and worship technology

pro tools system design

pro tools system rental Orlando

professional video equipment sales Orlando

projection screen rental Orlando

projection system install Orlando

projector install Orlando

projector installation Orlando

projector rental Orlando

projector sales Orlando

projector screen installation Orlando

projector screen rental Orlando

projector screen sales Orlando

recording service Orlando

recording studio equipment rental Orlando

recording studio equipment sales Orlando

recording studio Orlando

recording studio rental Orlando

restaurant sound system Orlando

Retail store sound system Orlando

Retail A/V Orlando

Retail audio system Orlando

Retail audio visual Orlando

Retail audiovisual Orlando

Retail digital signage Orlando

Retail surveillance Orlando

Retail theft protection Orlando

Retail video system Orlando

reverb stop Orlando

school A/V installation Orlando

Show booking Orlando

Smart Board Orlando

sound absorbing panels Orlando

sound equipment Orlando

sound panel Orlando

sound proof panels Orlando

sound proofing Orlando

sound proofing Orlando

sound system design Orlando

sound system install Orlando

Sound system Orlando

sound system rental Orlando

sound system rental Orlando

Sound systems Orlando

Sound treatment Orlando

soundproof artwork Orlando

soundproofing Orlando

Speakers Orlando

Stage deck rental Orlando

Stage equipment Orlando

Stage install Orlando

Stage Lighting Orlando

Stage Production Orlando

stage rental Orlando

staging design Orlando

Staging install Orlando

staging Orlando

Staging rental Orlando

Streaming Video Equipment Orlando

Examples of facilities we customize design/build for your specs:
*Broadcast Facilities / Studios

*Conference Rooms
*Critical Response & Operation Centers
*Classrooms & Learning
*Collaboration - Conference Rooms  & Training Centers

*Education Labs / Library Multimedia design
*Entertainment Facilities ie: Arcade/Bowl/Trampoline/Acrobatic
*Hospital / Medical Facilities
*Hospitality/Hotel/Resort/Vacation Rental upgrade

*HOA Community Centers

*House of Worship - Temple / Synagogue / Church
*Large Venues and Auditoriums


Permanent Install, Digital Media Production, Event Production

AVL (Audio-Video-Lighting) Integration

Sound Systems - Audio Systems

Video systems, Televisions, TV & Displays

Digital Signage for info, promotion and advertising

Projection & Screens

LED Video Walls

Acoustics - Soundproofing

All LED Lighting solutions (low power consumption replacement)

Theatrical Lighting / Stage Lighting / Studio Lighting / Event Lighting / Architectural lighting

Staging / All Theatrical Supply / Seating / Gymnasium Equipment

A/V Control Systems / Security Surveillance systems, Computer &

Server Systems, Internet LAN design and build, POS, Wireless

internet Systems, any technology that you will ever need!

Busines/Corporate Solutions

     *Video Conferencing
     *Unified Communication Platforms
     *Online Meetings
     *On-Premise, Cloud & Hybrid Solutions
     *Collaboration Spaces

Digital Media
     *Film / Television / Music Video / Web Video

     *Digital Signage
     *Creative Services and Digital Media Creation

     *Content Management

     *Content Delivery

Custom Themed Design and Build

a/v automation Orlando

A/V control systems Orlando

a/v equipment Orlando

A/V maintenance Orlando

a/v production Orlando

A/V rental Orlando

A/V rental production Orlando

A/V system Control Orlando

A/V systems Orlando

access control systems Orlando

acoustart acoustic panels Orlando

acoustic art Orlando

acoustic art work Orlando

acoustic artwork Orlando

acoustic consultant Orlando

acoustic consulting Orlando

acoustic fabricator Orlando

acoustic interior decorator Orlando

acoustic interior designer Orlando

acoustic panel manufacturer Orlando

acoustic panels Orlando

acoustic treatment interior design Orlando

acoustic treatment interior designer Orlando

acoustic treatment manufacturer Orlando

acoustic treatment Orlando

acoustics Orlando

assisted listening Orlando

assistive listening equipment Orlando

audio equipment Orlando

Audio Mixers Orlando

audio rental Orlando

audio system design Orlando

audio system install Orlando

audio system Orlando

audio system rental Orlando

audio systems Orlando

audio visual design Orlando

audio visual Equipment Orlando

audio visual Equipment Rental Orlando

audio visual rental Orlando

Audio visual system control Orlando

Audio visual systems integrator Florida

audiovisual design Orlando

audiovisual Equipment Orlando

audiovisual Equipment Rental Orlando

audiovisual rental Orlando

Audiovisual system control Orlando

audiovisual systems integrator Florida

Auditorium A/V equipment Orlando

Auditorium A/V Orlando

Auditorium audiovisual equipment Orlando

Auditorium audiovisual Orlando

Automated a/v Orlando

Automated audiovisual Orlando

Boardroom A/V Orlando

Boardroom audio Orlando

Boardroom audiovisual Orlando

Boardroom projection Orlando

Boardroom projector Orlando

Boardroom sound system Orlando

Boardroom video Orlando

Boardrooms a/v Orlando

Broadcast a/v Orlando

Broadcast and Production Orlando

Broadcast video equipment Orlando

Broadcast video Orlando

Broadcast video sales Orlando

Business A/V Orlando

Business audiovisual Orlando

Business digital signage Orlando

Business sound system Orlando

Business video system Orlando

Christian conference a/v

Christian convention a/v

Christian DJ Orlando

Christian event a/v

Christian Film Maker

Christian Film production

Christian Film Production Equipment

Christian Media production

Christian Media Production Studio

Christian movie production

Christian movie studio

Christian television studio

Christian television studio equipment

Christian trade show a/v

Christian Wedding production Orlando

Church a/v Orlando

Church access control Orlando

Church acoustic treatment Orlando

Church audio equipment Orlando

Church audio system Orlando

Church audiovisual equipment Orlando

Church audiovisual Orlando

Church Equipment Orlando

Church furniture Orlando

Church security systems Orlando

Church sound equipment Orlando

Church sound proof Orlando

Church sound system Orlando

Church soundproof Orlando

Church supplies Orlando

Church surveillance systems Orlando

Church television equipment Orlando

Church television production Orlando

Church television studio design Orlando

Church television system Orlando

Church tv equipment Orlando